R-Chee Plumbing & Heating

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Our services


R-Chee Plumbing will be right there to help you maintain and confortable home in the winter with our expert boiler repair and installation

Pipe Repair

R-Chee Plumbing experts are excellent at spotting and repairing burst pipes. We have made many emergency repairs that have stopped further damage to homes.

Furnace Maintenance

At least once a year, your furnace should be tuned up in order to allow it to run properly during the cold months. Call us to schedule a yearly maintenance appointment.

Water Heaters

Having a comfortable home requires a reliable supply of hot water. Unfortunately, many times your water heater requires a part replacement or a total replacement. We are well-equipped in repairing and installing water heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are now very common. They are more efficient, save space and provide water on-demand. R-Chee plumbing has repaired and installed numerous tankless water heaters.

Water Filtration

Concerned of what is in your water? Allow us to provide you with clean and healthy water for your entire home. We have installed many water filtration systems and are knowledgeable about why installing them in your home is a good idea.

Drain Cleaning

Everyone gets a clogged drain every once and a while. Whether its a kitchen, bathroom or main drain we can clear the blockage and restore proper drainage in your house.

Kitchen Drain Repair and Install

Do you have a leak under the kitchen sink? Sometimes you need to completely repair the drain in order to fix the leak. We can repair the piping to solve this issue.

Bathroom Drain Repair and Install

Do you have a leak under your bathroom sink? We can also repair or replace the piping to allow proper draining without leaks inside your vanity.

Garbage Disposals

We have installed hundreds of garbage disposals as well as fixed existing ones. Have an issue with your disposal or want to install one? Call us and we will take care of it for you.


If you need a repair or want to install a brand new faucet we can help you get the job done. Sometimes repairs may not be possible due to discontinued parts. Call us to install your new faucet.


R-Chee plumbing experts will help diagnose and fix your toilet issue. If you would like to replace your existing one, we can install any type of toilet.

Sump Pumps

Our technicians have extensive experience repairing and installing sump pumps. If you are in need of this service, do not hesitate to call us.

Gas Lines

Gas leaks are a serious issue and require reliable experts to prevent this from causing harm. If you have to replace the piping we can get it done and restore normal function to your home.

Emergency Services

R-Chee plumbing has answered numerous emergency calls that prevented further damage inside homes. In Massachusetts, frozen pipes have been a major issue and we have been the most reliable company to call in our area.