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Pipe Install & Repair

R-Chee Plumbers can repair your leaking pipes and, if necessary, replace them as well. Constant water flow creates a lot of pressure, so it is common that you will see leaks. If they are frequent that is a sign that they need to be replaced.

Faucet Install & Repair

If you notice leaks under your sink that can be caused by damaged valves. Older fixtures can get worn out and should be replaced. Our plumbers are experts at repairing or replacing sinks and faucets. We install all types of faucets and fixtures.  

Drain Cleaning

We provide high quality drain services to our customers. Drain systems often require a lot of maintenance.  These drain services include drain clearing, repair and well as sewer repair. Most common sign is your drain is draining slower than normal or you see water back up.

Toilet Repair

Toilet issues such as clogging, weak flushing or leaking can be repaired, or you will need to replace your toilet. Clogged toilets can be caused by something obstructing the drainpipe or an issue in the sewer line.  Our plumbers have years of experience in toilet repair and replacement. 


Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals get clogged quite often. Large objects or food cause jams and clogged drains. Avoid sticking your hand in the drain. Hit the reset button first. If that does not work, you will need to call an experienced plumber. 

Gas lines, Leakes & repairs

Perhaps one of the more serious plumbing issues, our great plumbers can inspect your house for gas leaks. Gas leaks usually happen when a kitchen appliance is loose.


Water Heater Install & Repair

Whether you need a new water heater or just a repair, our expert plumbers will be able to keep your water hot all year round! We can do electric, gas and tankless heaters.

Boiler Install & Repair

Boilers need to be serviced occasionally and repaired but sometimes you will have to replace the whole boiler. The older your boiler is, the less efficient it will be at delivering heat to your home.

Furnace Install & Repair

Our team will be able to service your furnace. We can repair or install electric and gas furnaces. 

Water Filtration System

If you want to improve the quality of water in your entire house, our team has great experience installing water filtration systems. 

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